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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

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87751 Heimertingen

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DEMMELER base rails – for big projects!

Our flexible clamping system grows with your tasks. The modular structure of the base rail system offers you the greatest possible freedom for the production of bigger than normal components.

A grid system of any size adapted to your product portfolio can be installed in your production hall. This provides you with a level installation surface over the entire area, including grid bores. The rail system is installed according to your requirements. Several versions are available to you, for example overfloor or underfloor installation. The advantage of underfloor installation is that the entire work area around the rail system is accessible for persons and vehicles.

This accessibility makes work easier, reduces the risk of accidents and thereby boosts safety and increases efficiency in manufacturing. You have access to the comprehensive selection of Demmeler accessories to set up your clamping fixtures on the rail system.

Rail system

System: All Systems D28 D22 D16
  • Support and base rail
  • Support and base rail XL
  • Support and base rail LINEAR
  • Base rail ROUND
  • Support and base rail DUO
  • Rubber mat
  • Cover plate
  • Plug
  • Magnet for Plug
  • Cap
  • Leg for spacer block
  • Shifting foot
  • Holding frame
  • Guiding carriage
  • Guiding wagons

System overview


The best accuracy for your large-scale components thanks to an even clamping surface across the entire work area.


Combine all system components in conjunction with your rail system.


The highest quality with optional laser measuring of your rail system.


An exact bore grid over long distances from A to Z. Reproduce the system accuracy with your work pieces.

Equipment options

Also compatible with:

3D welding table

Table leg for spacer block

Shifting foot

Holding frame

Guiding carriage

Guiding wagon

From planning to final acceptance

The Demmeler experts support you from planning your production facilities to manufacturing. We contribute our know-how from numerous successful projects. You receive the support of our competent team, helping you make the right decisions starting in the planning phase.

Experienced fitters and technicians will examine the floor characteristics and evenness by request, and offer tips on preparatory measures. Our assembly teams look after professional installation and the alignment of the base rail system. Training for your production team guarantees proper use of the equipment.

Planning, installation and acceptance – everything from one source

Requirements are coordinated with the customer in close cooperation with our technicians and distribution partners. By request we manage the entire project for a turnkey solution. Alternatively you can also implement specific assembly sections yourself. Give us the task, we develop the right solution for you!


• Inventory of the floor characteristics

• Determination of local conditions (accessibility, transport etc.) using a checklist

• Establishing the configuration and implementation of the
rail system


• For example, floor preparation for underfloor installation

• Milling grooves according to the installation situation


• Highly accurate templates are used  for an exact installation

• We loan you an assembly set with templates free of charge if you want to install the system yourself

• Mounting materials (set of screws, dowels and shims) are included in the scope of delivery for the base rail

• As a rule of thumb, the installation time is about one hour per running metre.


• The required accuracy is ensured during installation with laser measuring tools


• Grouting shafts and grooves after measuring

• Installation of gratings and ramps

• Installation of plugs


• Preparation of an acceptance record

• Handover to production

• Annual maintenance and an inspection can be offered by request

To make things round smoothly

If your work pieces are round or circular, we have the right solution for you with the star-shaped arrangement of our modular rail system. The diameter of the clamping devices is flexible and adaptable within the grid system.

Transforming the hall floor into a stress field

With the permanently installed floor plates, you can transform your hall into a giant clamping system. Ideal for large and heavy work pieces. 

Installation type

The floor plates are suitable for overfloor and underfloor installation - depending on your preferences!


Increase the size of your work surface as desired by connecting floor plate elements.


Ultimate stability by anchoring to the hall floor.


Continuous clamping surface with system grid for large, complex set-ups.

For projects beyond the edge of the table

Those who think in big dimensions like the company Liebherr need equipment that offers numerous possibilities.

With the flexible base rail system, Demmeler is the ideal partner for the crane manufacturer of world renown. Thanks to modular expandability, the base rail system is suitable for the production of components with a length of 80 metres and more. The highest accuracy of fit is guaranteed thanks to minimal tolerances. This not only makes the trouble-free final assembly of the individual elements on the construction site easier, it also guarantees safe and smooth operation of the cranes.

Thanks to the sophisticated displacement system, the setup times for different types of components are reduced. With the comprehensive selection of accessories, an endless number of fixtures can be realised quickly and safely.