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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

Flexible positioning

The size and bulkiness of work pieces often create difficulties during welding, because not all points can be seen well. However, an optimal overview is a prerequisite for clean and error-free work. Due to their dimensions, work pieces must be moved several times during the work process with a heavy device, usually with a crane. Reduce this safety risk with the manipulator from DEMMELER.

The manipulator is a kind of lifting platform on which work pieces can be machined directly. You can extend the manipulator by the DEMMELER 3D Okto Table. This gives you a working surface that is precisely adapted to your work pieces. The fact that all locations are easily accessible simplifies welding, measuring and assembling.

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Our specialists in precise positioning

  • Maximum work area with minimized footprint
  • Low installation height
  • Unique swivel range up to 180°
  • Comfortable work
  • High flexibility

Lifting / Turning / Tilting

Tilting from 0° to 180°

Bearing load up to 8,000 kg

  • Enables positioning of work pieces with very high precision
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Two rotation axes and one lifting axis possible
  • Suitable for integration in a robot cell

Lifting / Turning 

Bearing load to 20,000 kg

  • Flexible positioning of high-load work pieces
  • Efficient and precise manufacturing
  • Comfortable work


Lifting / Turning

Bearing load to 40,000 kg

Excellent posture and maximum productivity

Increase the quality level

  • Working in the ideal position and at the ideal height
  • Less welding distortion through optimised welding sequences
  • Consistent quality with optional teaching function to save reproducible sequences

Increased productivity

  • Multiple, time-consuming rotating and turning of the work pieces, for example with a crane, is eliminated for a major reduction in non-productive time and a significant increase in productivity
  • Higher melting deposition efficiency when welding as most seams can be performed in the optimal position (flat position)
  • Higher work performance due to fatigue-free working position

Protection of health and safety

  • Avoidance of overloading and poor posture, which means less staff absenteeism
  • Ergonomically-optimised work environment
  • Employees with physical constraints can perform tasks that they could not perform without the manipulator (possibly investment aid possible by means of funding)
  • Dangerous handling of work pieces with a crane is significantly reduced

For more information please download our product catalogue Manipulators.

Unlimited opportunities

Since the tiltable manipulator can be adjusted in height and angle at the push of a button, you create an ergonomic working environment and avoid health problems for your employees with this handling device. The profitability and quality of your products are also increased significantly by using the manipulator. The manipulator allows for very precise work with an optimised welding sequence, which considerably reduces the welding distortion rate. In addition, simple and fast assembly is optimally possible with standard processes.