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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

Contract Manufacturing

Demmeler is an expert in supplying customers with special needs. The long term experience in machining workpieces with dimensions of up to 27 m length, weights of up to 100 t and tolerances on a micrometre level distinguishes us as a leading supplier of machine tool producers. In this area we put a focus on producing basic components such as X, Y and Z axes, machine beds, machine stands, portals and bolster plates, which become integrated into our customers CNC machines.

The know-how of our technical and machining experts, as well as top-quality machinery, help us to attain a level of quality that exceeds the average. With the DemTec® composite material, developed by our engineers, and the strong cooperating with customers' development departments we are able to install machines and facilities in the market that ensure competitive advantage.

Special-purpose machine building

Everyone in the industry knows that Demmeler sets the standards worldwide with its own products in the fields of 3D worktable and assembly table systems, manipulators, rotary tables and tool arenas. When it comes to contract manufacturing, we not only produce assemblies preconfigured by our customers.

Our development engineers support the renowned machine tool manufacturers in words and deeds when it comes to optimising machine components and adapting them to the respective application case. We provide support for the fabrication of the following components among others:

• Machine beds
• Gantry stand
• Linear guides
• Special designs

With more than 58 years of mechanical engineering experience, we offer valuable support to make machine tools even better and optimise them further in cooperation with our customers. We know that our success depends on your success!

Fixture construction

Ludwig Demmeler laid the foundation for the company’s success with job order manufacturing for nearby mechanical engineering firms. Success was based on Ludwig Demmeler’s knowledge of something you will find in today’s textbooks. The customer pays only for the result, but not for how you get there!

Waste and unnecessary activities had to be eliminated then as now, and essential activities that do not add value reduced to a minimum. This resulted among other things in the invention of the DEMMELER 3D welding table. Mechanical engineering harbours great potential in fixture construction. Modular, low-cost fixtures help significantly reduce production costs, making Germany more competitive against low-wage countries. 

Today you will find modular and standardised floor plates in the Demmeler portfolio. For more information, visit our online shop at floor plates. Naturally we also fabricate individual fixtures for you, and are happy to develop and optimise them in cooperation with you and with the support of our in-house development engineers.

Energy technologies

Demmeler makes a significant contribution to maintaining the environment by applying its specialist manufacturing expertise and its many years of experience in the manufacture of components for the renewable energy sector. One of our strengths is the manufacture of complex and large gears and hubs. Here, our production specialists draw on their wide-ranging expertise in the field of high-tech machining, clamping technology and fixture construction.

Wind turbine hubs and gearboxes
A particular highlight is the use of a patented, moving rotary table with tilting technology for the efficient manufacture of wind turbine hubs. Other components of impressive scale can also be manufactured, including nacelles, generator housing and gear boxes.