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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

Welcome to DEMMELER Maschinenbau

Innovations and quality leadership are key aspects of our overall brand concept. With Demmeler as the inventor of the 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables, you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. Our daily mission is to meet and even exceed the high standards of our customers. We help you succeed with the best products “Made in Germany”. With the Demmeler 3D worktables and clamping systems, you can produce more quickly and accurately. You also protect your most important resource – your employees.

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Demmeler as employer

“Interesting tasks and top colleagues!”

DEMMELER has been creating innovative solutions for machinery and plant construction for over 60 years now. These set global standards. Our technological advantage based on intensive development work is the reason for many customers' collaboration, often spanning decades. This wide-ranging industry orientation offers exciting projects and varied tasks. Become part of our high-performance team.

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More than 60 years
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One system for various tasks

The 3D clamping system from DEMMELER.
THE original from the inventor.

The standard solution for industry and trade



Steel / metal constructions

Vehicle construction


Aircraft construction

If you are looking for a high quality and stable welding table, DEMMELER, as the inventor of the welding table, is the right partner. Our welding table and clamping system has already received several awards and is part of the international industrial standard. A modular welding table from DEMMELER is very versatile. It opens up a wide range of possible uses. Thanks to its innovative design, a clamping device can be set up for almost any workpiece in record time. Using the grid system as a grid square, workpieces can be clamped with positioning and clamping bolts on all 5 sides over the entire 3D welding table. Target dimensions can be set and fixed quickly as well as precisely for each workpiece. During the tacking and welding process, the individual welding parts are clamped to the corresponding surfaces or points. For an optimal position.

In order to cope with both small and extreme loads, DEMMELER has brought various welding tables onto the market. All welding tables belong to one line: PROFIPremiumLINE, PROFIPlusLINE, PROFIEcoLINE or HobbyLINE. The particular advantage of our welding tables lies in their modular structure. For example, if you start with a welding table from the PROFIEcoLINE, you can gradually add other components that you can order directly from us. In addition, you have the option of connecting several 3D welding tables directly or with spacer blocks. This gives you a work surface that adapts entirely to your individual needs. One and the same welding table can therefore be used to manufacture very different components and products. This includes, for example, machine housings, frames, pipelines, banisters, filling systems, vehicles, gates, control cabinets, cabins and much more. A wide variety of configurations can be implemented depending on your requirements.

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We offer a wide range of support services in addition to our technical and innovative solutions. Take advantage of our comprehensive services, from the service hotline to spare parts deliveries to direct on-site assembly. Short response times are a matter of course. 


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