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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

DEMMELER clamping pins for all applications!

Demmeler clamping pins are universal products, consistently suited for all welding table systems. They add strength and safety to the entire system. Different versions are offered to optimise their use for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of the concrete application, high stability is therefore assured with low fixation effort, even in light to moderate steel, sheet metal or plant construction.


System: All Systems D28 D22 D16
  • PPC-bolt, short
  • PPC-bolt, long
  • PPC-countersunk bolt, short
  • PPC-countersunk bolt, long
  • Power screwdriver with quick-change coupling
  • PC-bolt, short
  • PC-bolt, long
  • PC-countersunk bolt, short
  • PC-countersunk bolt, long
  • FCP-bolts with handle
  • Stop and positioning bolts
  • EcoLINE bolt, short
  • EcoLINE bolt, long
  • Connection bolt, short with screw
  • Connection bolt long, with screw
  • Connecting bolt, short with collar
  • Adapter for PC-bolt D16 to D28 / D16 to D22

The PPC bolt meets all expectations!

Self-centring, force-locked and low-wear clamping – possible thanks to the original DEMMELER clamping bolt

  • Very high-speed clamping and unclamping of  the clamping elements
  • Form-fitting through full-area contact with the reciprocal surface
  • Reduces material wear even when aluminium and plastic elements are used – no system bore deformation
  • Low susceptibility to dirt because sensitive parts such as clamp threads etc. are fully encapsulated by O-rings
  • Extremely robust made from high-quality hardened steel, maximum precision thanks to grinding
  • Long service life guaranteed in everyday applications

Comparison between clamping pins
and the new polygon bolt from DEMMELER

Cone instead of balls – more force, less wear. Thanks to the new cone clamping system of the Demmeler PPC bolt, the bearing surface is 100 times larger. This results in much higher contact pressure, therefore securing work pieces more reliably. Even force distribution also reduces bore hole wear compared to conventional bolts.

Clamping pin versions


The best pin there is! Surface load instead of point load for more strength and less wear. Even force distribution is achieved thanks to the patented cone clamping system.


The PC-bolt is the ideal connecting element between all system components. Even clamping is assured by the clamping balls.


The eco-bolt is a simple version without clamping range. Ideal for clamping system components on welding tables or for connecting multiple system components.

Clamping pin head versions


Ergonomic, knurled pin head for fast one-hand operation!


The countersunk head is fully recessed in the bore hole.

Power screwdriver with quick-change coupling for the new PPC bolt!

10 x faster than conventional! Designed especially for use with the new PPC bolt:

  • Thanks to DEMMELER system locking between the PPC bolt and impact screwdriver, inserting and tightening as well as loosening and pulling the bolt is possible with just one hand. This always keeps your other hand free
  • Minimum expenditure of energy for maximum clamping force
  • Straightforward, efficient care of the table thanks to included cleaning plate and round brush attachment
  • Clamping with maximum force and speed