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  • DEMMELER COBOT WeldSpace® 4.0 LINEAR 60/15
    With four sliding doors and accessible from two sides. Partition optionally removable for a large working area.
    DEMMELER COBOT WeldSpace® 4.0 LINEAR 60/15
    With four sliding doors and accessible from two sides. Partition optionally removable for a large working area.

Automated gas-shielded welding in shuttle operation with the new COBOT WeldSpace 4.0® LINEAR 60/15

Particularly in the manual welding of classic sheet metal components, the new technology – welding with collaborative robots – can eliminate the need for valuable skilled workers to perform tiring routine and repetitive tasks. The fully equipped welding cells with welding robots and welding technology offer unique modularity and flexibility with a multitude of possible configuration options. 

Maximum flexibility with the equipment


COBOT WeldSpace 4.0® Linear 60/15


Unique programming and operating concept  
With the DEMMELER® WeldSoft F 1.0 Software you can create complex welding programs intuitively without explicit programming knowledge. Almost anything can be programmed with just four buttons on the multifunction handle.

Shuttle operation  
Standard shuttle operation between two large work areas (simultaneous set-up and welding) with COBOT on synchronised linear axis.

Flexibility and efficiency 
With four sliding doors and accessible from two sides. Partition optionally removable for a large working area. Tabletop with system hole D28 in 50 x 50 mm grid.

FANUC CRX-10iA Cobot  
FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot with a payload of 10 kg, a reach of 1249 mm and a unique underflip movement.

Integrated and professional high-performance welding system 
Perfectly coordinated welding processes with robot welding equipment from either FRONIUS or EWM.

Optional torch cleaning station  
Optimised and reliable cleaning of the gas nozzle ensures a reliable welding process and increases system availability.

Best accessibility and compact design

Four large sliding doors for optimal accessibility of the working areas from both sides. The cabins of the respective work areas are closed during welding.

Integrated partition wall: While the robot is welding on one side, the operator can set up and reclamp on the other side, protected by the partition wall.

Protective enclosure (with viewing elements made of welder‘s protective glass) for highest safety standards and comprehensive occupational safety.

Equipment that is perfectly tailored to your specific tasks

Perfectly coordinated welding processes

  • Welding systems designed for the COBOT WeldSpace 4.0®
  • Robot welding equipment from FRONIUS or EWM
  • Extensive job libraries
  • Integration and software extension of the DEMMELER WeldSpace 4.0® software
  • Input of the welding jobs from the power source and simple selection using a list on the control panel

FANUC COBOT of the latest generation

  • The new collaborative FANUC CRX-10iA offers highest accuracy and industrial reliability with maximum sensitivity, as well as high speed for maximum productivity
  • User-friendly collaborative robot for users with little or no robotics experience without significant performance degradation compared to complex industrial robots

Intuitive programming and operating concept

  • Professional welding software with numerous features for industrial welding, such as arc sensor, tactile sensor, etc.
  • Programming and teaching of points using the Teach Pendant user interface for pass-through teaching and easy drag-and-drop programming

Ultimate flexibility and efficiency

  • The cell can be flexibly integrated and adapted to changing requirements
  • You have access to the comprehensive selection of DEMMELER accessories to set up your clamping fixtures as well

Maximum safety

COBOT WeldSpace 4.0® contains all safety-relevant equipment:

  • Protective enclosure with protective welding glass (with viewing elements)
  • Integrated partition wall

Torch cleaning station

  • Optimum and reliable cleaning of the gas nozzle ensures a reliable welding process and increases system availability

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COBOT WeldSpace 4.0® LINEAR 60/15

For more information about the DEMMELER COBOT WeldSpace 4.0® LINEAR 60/15 and its equipment options, simply download the product brochure.



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