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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0
Fax: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-27

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DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH offers optimised solutions for the repair and maintenance of rail vehicle fleets. Alongside the modern technology infrastructure in its network of plants and its highly-qualified workforce, the company possesses many decades of know-how that make its range of products and services unique in Europe. Whether technical inspections, modernisation, component preparation or post-accident repairs: The company's expertise covers all maintenance and repair work at rail vehicles and components – from high-speed trains to light rail systems.

DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH
Weilburger Str. 22
60326 Frankfurt/Germany

Assembling gear sets for urban trains demands flexibility. To ensure quick changeovers of equipment, heavy wheelsets and gearing weighing up to two tonnes must be positioned precisely and securely. Thanks to the large working space coupled with a small footprint, the DEMMELER Ergonomix® M manipulator is the ideal extension to the state-of-the-art production shops. The manipulator, which boasts both angular and height adjustment capabilities, consistently moves even the highest payloads into the ideal position, thus permitting an ergonomic working posture even during heavy handling operations. The assembly operations can be carried out without fatigue and with consistently high precision. Thanks to the patented swivel range of up to 180°, the work pieces can be fully assembled in one clamping cycle without additionally having to be turned over.


The vehicle components in Goldhofer products are true heavyweights. Manufacturing them requires clamping systems with extreme load capacities that are flexible in combination, mobile and can be positioned automatically. A task that literally cannot be taken lightly. Truly a challenge – even for us at DEMMELER as a manufacturing equipment supplier. 

Goldhofer is one of the DEMMELER customers using the entire product range from simple worktables to shifting feet and rail systems to manipulators – respectively also in custom versions. Production at Goldhofer provides a quasi overview of the numerous possible applications for the DEMMELER solutions.