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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

Support and base rail DUO 3000

Support and base rail DUO 3000

Product description

  • A movement range can be set up over large distances
  • Precise reference plane and clamping surfaces over the entire work area
  • The set-up system components can even be moved when loaded
  • Precise positioning thanks to D28 bores in a 100 mm grid 
  • Continuously variable positioning of set-up components
  • Screw set, dowels and shims are included in the scope of delivery
  • Bearing load per metre up to 20 t (depending on the number of guide cartridges)
  • Permissible tensile load in crack-free concrete 1.0 t per dowel
price on request

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Item number: D28-02003-069+D28-02008-002

Technical data

L in mm 3000


Fitting accessories