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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

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87751 Heimertingen

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Flexible down to the details

Thanks to the modular system, the clamps adapt perfectly to the respective clamping situation. Select from various materials for the clamping pad and different spindle lengths, also for small installation spaces. 


The latch lever makes quick and precise clamping possible even with one hand. With three different tube lengths and exchangeable arms, you can handle any clamping task.


Configure your clamps


  • Slip-proof handle thanks to rubberised inserts
  • Clamping with standard hexagon wrench
  • Threaded bushings fit all system bores
  • Clamping pad exchangeable and usable as support in system bores

Quick-action clamping cylinder

• Secure locking mechanism:
The locking mechanism ensures controlled, fast and vibration-proof clamping.

• Ultimate stability:
Enables the even build-up of clamping force with large power reserves. The self-centring support and pressure piece clamps the work piece and can be exchanged.

• Powder-coated clamping lever:
Highly ergonomic shape, swivels 360° degrees to circumvent all interfering edges. The plastic-coated, non-slip release lever ensures a secure grip while loosening the clamp.

• Large stroke: 9 mm

Difference equalisation prevents tipping of the work piece

One screw clamp for any angle with three exchangeable actuators.

Covers the functions of the 45°, 90° and 180° screw clamps.
Continuously swivelling ±50° and 360° rotating.
With three exchangeable actuators (spindle, short boring spindle and quick-action clamping cylinder). Individual, or can be combined with 90°.