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EcoLINE bolt D22 long

  • EcoLINE bolt D22 long
  • EcoLINE bolt D22 long

Product description

  • Connecting element for system components
  • Basic version without clamping area
  • The long version connects 3 system components together or 2 system components on the welding table
  • Do not exceed the specified loads when using the clamping bolts. Avoid the induction of welding voltages, unfavourable leverage ratios and impacts during use
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Item number: E22-06026-000

Technical data

Diameter A in mm 22
B in mm 19
Clamping range 50-51,5
Tensile force in kN 18
Shear force in kN 100
Tightening torque in Nm 15
Approx. weight in kg 0,3


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