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3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28

  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28
  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28
  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28
  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28
  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28
  • 3D Welding table PROFIPlusLINE (PL) D28

Product description

  • Worktop with D28 system bores in a double 100 mm x 100 mm grid, resulting in approx. 80 % more clamping options than PROFIEcoLINE and conventional worktables
  • 3-hole drilling pattern in the table side plates with D28 system bores, 50 mm grid in the top and bottom rows with additional 100 mm grid in the middle, which nearly doubles the expansion and clamping options
  • All table sizes optionally available in hardness DEMONT 760 M and DEMONT 890 M
  • All system bores with protective countersink, perfect design and ultimate functionality
  • Optimised outside table edges
  • Improved table reinforcement through additional cross-ribs
  • Continuous gridlines in X and Y-direction, 100 mm spacing
  • Precision scaling with millimetre graduation
  • Coordinate marking of the bores in the X and Y-direction
  • DEMMELER logo recessed in all 4 side plates
  • Special dimensions and optional drilling patterns (e.g. M16, M20, M24) on request
  • On request table also available in stainless steel version
price on request

plus VAT

Table size:
Point rating DEMONT 890 M DEMONT 760 M Standard
Hardness 10 8 5
Point load 9 8 5
Scratch-resistant 10 8 5
Corrosion-resistance 8 8 4
Against weld spatter 9 9 7
Accuracy 7 8 10
Service life 10 8 6
70 Points Maximum 63 Points 57 Points 42 Points

Your table leg:

Standard leg D28

Standard leg D28

Telescoping leg

Telescoping leg

Heavy-duty wheel

Heavy-duty wheel

Anchoring leg

Anchoring leg

Scissor lift

Scissor lift

Leg for spacer block D28 200 x 200 mm

Shifting foot D28 with casters 200 x 200 mm

Holding frame

Holding frame

Tischplatte ohne Fuß

Table top without leg


Item number table: PL28-01001-000
Item number table leg:
Amount: 4 pieces

Technical data

L in mm 1000
W in mm 1000
H in mm 200
weight in kg 310
Your table leg Special leg
Hardness Standard


Benefits of the DEMMELER welding tables

Max. load

All our welding tables are generously sized, super sturdy and optimised with FEM calculations on principle.

Precision scaling

Axis designation in x and y-direction. Standard version includes precision scaling.

Protective countersinks

Optimum bolt and clamp insertion with simultaneous protection of the tabletop against damage from materials, even in case of extreme strain on the system bore or when used with aluminium. 

Additional bores

Additional bores in the side stanchion for even more clamping options.

Leg with sleeve

The foot sleeve prevents pinching and reduces wear at the cable-hose assembly. This also provides a convenient way of using the ground connector. It also protects the threaded spindle against dirt and wear. Fine adjustments are possible and fixing is stable and simple.

Fitting accessories

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