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Demmeler Rotatorix® R

Continuous rotation of growing or asymmetrical work pieces of up to 4,000 kg around their own axes

With the Rotatorix® R 2000/950, when using two reversible clamping devices, work pieces of up to 4,000 kg can be continuously rotated round their own axis to enable a worker to easily access them from all sides. Each work piece can be manually or electrically rotated – mainly for growing or asymmetrical work pieces – which means less strain on the worker's back. Not only does this prevent overloading and symptoms of fatigue, but it also enables access to the work area, eliminating the need for dangerous and time-consuming turning of the work piece by crane. In addition, the best possible quality can also be obtained as, thanks to optimised welding sequences, less welding distortion is produced on the work pieces. The Rotatorix® also increases deposition efficiency. The system is based on the D28 clamping system. 

Flexible right down to the last detail – configuration examples

Configure your Rotatorix® R yourself – equipment options

The reversible clamping device is available in several versions to ensure the best conditions for each application. So, for example, both assemblies can be equipped with rollers for perfect flexibility, or one assembly can be fitted with rollers while the other is fixed to the floor with plugs. The Demmeler rail system is also available in a version with guide rollers. Individual work pieces are clamped either by means of a standard brace with an attachment chain or using individual braces which are specially designed for the respective requirements. Where drive options are concerned, the possibilities range from manual drives and highly accurate frequency-controlled drives to the connection of an additional robot axis.

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