Manipulators: Welding and assembly in the ideal position

Proper ergonomic design of the workplace allows efficient and error-free performance of work and protects staff against health hazards, even during long assignments. The „Demmeler Ergonomix“ and „Demmeler Robotix“ manipulators offer preventative occupational safety, more safety at the workplace, higher efficiency and thereby improved quality in production. 

Whichever way you look at it, the Demmeler manipulator is indispensable. 



  • Quality improvement
  • Increased productivity
  • Health protection and safety

The size and bulkiness of work pieces often causes problems while welding since some areas are difficult to see. However, an optimum overview is essential for clean, flawless work. In the past it was therefore necessary to move work pieces several times during the working process. Heavy equipment is used because of their dimensions, usually a crane.

You can reduce this safety risk with the manipulator. The manipulator is a type of hoisting platform on which work pieces can be processed directly. For especially large and unwieldy components, you can supplement the manipulator with the Demmeler “Okto” 3D worktable. This gives you a work surface adapted precisely to the work pieces you fabricate. All areas are easily accessible, which simplifies welding, machining and measuring.

Since the height and angle of the tiltable manipulator can be adjusted, it establishes ergonomic working conditions and avoids damage to the health of your employees. Using the manipulator also improves the efficiency of production and quality of your products. This is because the manipulator makes it possible to work with high precision in an optimised welding sequence, significantly reducing the welding distortion rate. What’s more, the optional teaching function to store reproducible processes ensures a consistently high quality standard. The manipulator boosts your productivity by reducing non-productive time. Demmeler was awarded the 2011 German federal prize for outstanding, innovative performance in the trade for the Demmeler Ergonomix M.


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