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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

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Demmeler Cobot WeldSpace 4.0

Automated welding with maximum efficiency and simplest operation.

Simply set it up in the desired place and start welding. With the Demmeler Cobot WeldSpace 4.0, we have made a quantum leap in modern welding technology. The unique design of the new welding cell in the smallest of spaces and at the same time maximum working space and possibilities Space A, A1-A2 and Space B, modularity and flexibility is unique.

The developers at DEMMELER succeeded in realizing the actually contradicting properties such as the best accessibility from up to five sides and easy loading, also by means of a crane, while at the same time providing an environmentally friendly and safe workplace through glare protection, smoke protection and injury protection.
The standard shuttle operation between the work areas, Space A and Space B with the optional subdivision of the work area Space A into A1 and A2, enables setup, reclamping and welding at the same time. The quick commissioning of the fully equipped welding cell and the extremely simple programming guarantee a quick start.

The complete package for your quick, professional entry. The DEMMELER COBOT WeldSpace 4.0 welding cell has everything you need.

Welding Tables

Optionally available in Space A with the popular modular DEMMELER welding tables 2400 x 1200 mm in D16, D22 or D28. Workspace Space B can optionally be equipped with e.g. a DEMMELER 3D welding table 2000 x 1000 mm that can be adjusted to any height.

Four work areas with perfect access from all sides and crane loading for setting up and changing workpieces.

Working area

Main-time parallel shuttle operation between two 3 m2 work areas Space A and Space B possible, which you get as standard. Optionally, you can further subdivide space A into space A1 and space A2.

CE approved


Optional modular two-axis manipulator up to 500 kg payload for positioning your workpieces. Highly productive welding in the flat position. This is optionally made possible by our modular and heavy-duty new manipulator axes. Poor quality vertical-up seams in an out of position and unproductive reclamping of the workpieces is no longer necessary.


Low and ergonomic table level 820 mm or in Space B beginning from the hall floor.

Completely closed enclosure

With aluminum armor with welding protection glass as the optimal solution in terms of occupational safety and glare protection. With the option of connecting a central suction system from above.

Welding equipment

High-performance welding equipment with a TPS / i welding power source for robot applications integrated in the table substructure to save space.

Intuitive and easy to use.

The new way of programming
Without many clicks, the DEMMELER WeldSpace programming and operating concept (DWSPC) makes it possible to create professional welding programmes quickly and easily. The user has full access to all relevant functions with just one control panel. Even employees without programming knowledge can easily learn to control the robot using the three buttons on the handle. By activating the Free-Drive function, the COBOT can be moved by hand to the place where welding is to be carried out. Intermediate waypoints and sections are also programmed in this way at the touch of a button. Via the DEMMELER COBOT interface, the operator can access and select the stored programmes of the welding machine with all important parameters. The COBOT WeldSpace 4.0 control also comes with templates for optimised standard welding processes. This produces perfect and reproducible welds with significantly increased productivity.  

WeldSpace programming and operation
With the ergonomic handle you can easily create professional welding programs at the push of a button. The new way of programming: By activating the Free-Drive function, you can move the COBOT by hand to the point where you want to start and end. Intermediate waypoints and sections are also programmed in this way.

Access to all components with one control panel
Thanks to the DEMMELER COBOT interface, the welder has full access to all relevant functions of the welding system with just one control panel and can select, set and save parameters in the robot controller.

The unique DEMMELER WeldSpace programming and operating concept sets standards for welding cobots. Intuitively create new welding programs in the shortest possible time without previous knowledge or compromises.