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Demmeler scores with reversible clamping device Rotatorix® on the EuroBLECH Award

The international Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition in Hanover was a big success: Not just the number of visitors increased in comparison to the previous year. Also the new generation of clamping device Rotatorix®, which can rotate work pieces of up to 4,000 kg by 360° endless around their own axis, was able to convince the visitors and the jury of the EuroBLECH Award.

On the EuroBLECH´s first days DEMMELER registered a large number of visitors which still increased during the week. A very positive resonance achieved the clamping device Rotatorix®: The new generation of the clamping device could persuade on the EuroBLECH Award, which honours the most innovative exhibits of the trade fair, and was elected as finalist. With the Rotatorix® R 2000 / 950, when using two reversible clamping devices, work pieces of up to 4,000 kg can be continuously rotated round their own axis to enable a worker to easily access them from all sides. Each work piece can be manually or electrically rotated – mainly for growing or asymmetrical work pieces – which means less strain on the worker's back. This does not only prevent overloading and symptoms of fatigue, but it also enables access to the work area, eliminating the need for dangerous and time-consuming turning of the work piece by crane. 

Due to the use of the Rotatorix® R2000 / 950 not just technical but also economic and social advantages arise for the company. The clamping device convince with its safety usage and serve as preventive health protection for the workers: The ergonomic operation significantly lowers the health burden and therefore reduces the default rate – even over a long period of time. In addition, the best possible quality can also be obtained as, thanks to optimised welding sequences, less welding distortion is produced on the work pieces. The Rotatorix® also increases deposition efficiency. Through accelerating the processing time the production costs can be reduced and gain an economic advantage. 

Furthermore, the manipulator Ergonomix M received strong encouragement: Through the intricate arrangement of the entire mechanism, the developers at DEMMELER have been able to create a work space boasting an unrivalled size while at the same time maintaining a small footprint for the DEMMELER Ergonomix M. The manipulator consistently sets the highest payloads in the ideal position. In addition, the 3D clamping system assured: Thanks to the enormous variety of applications and combination options it offers, this system has become an international industrial standard. The welding table system, which has won numerous awards, is used by a wide range of industries. The versatility of our globally recognized reference product opens the way to a wide range of applications and usability.

DEMMELER is one of the greatest innovators of the EuroBLECH

After the visitors feedback Stefan Bernhard, head of sales and marketing, summed up on a positive note: “The very positive response of our customers, the visitors great interest in our products as well as the award of our clamping device “Rotatorix” confirm our product and innovation strategy. In the future our daily actions will also be orientated on the benefit for our customers. Thereby we always develop and produce our products with the focus on reducing manufacturing costs, increasing quality, improving ergonomics and enhancing occupational safety for our customers. DEMMELER stands for quality, innovation and “made in Germany””.