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DEMMELER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Alpenstraße 10
87751 Heimertingen

Tel: +49 (0) 8335 / 9859-0

Patented! The Demmeler Ergonomix® M.

With the ingenious arrangement of the entire mechanism, the developers at Demmeler were able to create a working space of unrivalled size combined with a small footprint for the Demmeler Ergonomix® M manipulator. The award-winning, patented Demmeler Ergonomix® M relieves your workers of heavy handling tasks. Ergonomics is an important topic to improve productivity and quality going forward, to prevent expensive downtime and to make production workstations attractive. A special feature of the Demmeler Ergonomix® M product family is the large swivel range of 180°. This has the crucial advantage with many work pieces of being able to process them fully in one clamping cycle without turning them over. The excellent price-performance ratio of the Demmeler products is the key feature. Fabricating work pieces more quickly and precisely with reproducible quality helps you become even more efficient.

Demmeler Ergonomix M: Winner of the 2011 German federal prize for innovative performance in the trade.

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