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Manipulator Ergonomix M 3000 – Outstanding flexibility during welding or assembly work thanks to swivel range of up to 180° as standard

DEMMELER presents the new generation of the proven manipulator Ergonomix M: The M 3000 is characterized by the new design, a very high tilting moment of 19.000 Nm and three axis servo-hydraulic adjustable for fast and homogeneous movement. 

The size and bulkiness of work pieces often create difficulties during welding, because not all points can be seen well. However, an optimal overview is a prerequisite for clean and error-free work. Due to their dimensions, work pieces must be moved several times during the work process with a heavy device, usually with a crane. The DEMMELER manipulator Ergonomix M, now available the new generation M 3000, reduces this safety risk.

Since the tiltable manipulator can be adjusted in height and angle at the push of a button, you create an ergonomic working environment and avoid health problems for your employees with this handling device. The profitability and quality of your products are also increased significantly by using the manipulator. The manipulator allows for very precise work with an optimised welding sequence, which considerably reduces the welding distortion rate. In addition, simple and fast assembly is optimally possible with standard processes.

Limited space. Unlimited possibilities.

With the ingenious arrangement of the entire mechanism, the developers at DEMMELER were able to create a working space of unrivalled size combined with a small footprint for the Ergonomix M manipulator. The handling device consistently brings the highest payloads into the ideal position. A special characteristic of the DEMMELER Ergonomix M product family is the large swivel range of up to 180°. This has the crucial advantage with many work pieces of being able to process them fully in one clamping cycle without turning them over. 

Exact positioning

The movement axes bring your work piece to the desired position at the touch of a button, no matter how often the process step is repeated. To make things even easier, the manipulators can be optionally equipped with the optional teaching controller. You move to the various positions manually and save them. Then the manipulator repeats the programme as many times as you want.

Detailed information about the Manipulator Ergonomix M