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87751 Heimertingen

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戴美乐 Robotix® LP型变位机

当涉及以所有自由度及其精密和重复准确地定位工件时,特别推荐使用戴美乐 Robotix 产品系列。 在配置等级为 3.) 时,您可在任意角度和高度定位工件。可通过简单的手动控制在手动工位上使用定位器,Robotix LP 可集成进入合适的机器人单元内。对此可通过机器人控制系统自由编程集成所有轴。在该机械手模型上,我们还根据您的要求为您提供最佳的解决方案。通过洽询,我们可为您提供全套的外围设备,包括直线轴。



  • 仅带高度轴
  • 带高度轴和回转轴 1
  • 带高度轴、回转轴 1 和含回转轴 2 的悬臂

戴美乐 Robotix® LM型变位机让工作更轻松

1. Operation with pendant control panel

  • Potentiometer – enabling reproducible speed settings
  • Axis activation at the touch of a button
  • Cable length 5 m

2. Additional controller at the control console

  • Master switch
  • Compact construction
  • Housing integrated in the manipulator

3. Rotary feedthroughs

  • Rotary feedthrough for querying the state of fixtures, electrical, 10 signals, teaching controller or controller in premises required
  • Rotary feedthrough for pneumatic clamping equipment on worktop, pneumatic, 1-channel
  • Rotary feedthrough for hydraulic clamping equipment on worktop, hydraulic, 1-channel

4. Laser scanner

  • Personnel and component protection
  • Scan radius 3 m (other ranges on request)
  • Clearing after area infraction by key-operated switch integrated in the control cabinet door
  • Safety zone status display in control cabinet door

5. Teach controller

You can move to the positions manually with the buttons and save specific positions in the work piece programme using the teach controller by pressing buttons. This results in a consistent movement sequence from one position to the next. Several different work piece programmes can be stored and called up as needed.


  • Up to 100 programmes with 50 positions each
  • Touch screen operation
  • Start movement by pressing the enabling button
  • Offline programming possible
  • Editing programmes in a text editor possible
  • Data transfer per USB interface
  • 10” display

6. Ground connector

Ground connector for feeding the welding ground from the table/fixture setup to the interface next to the control cabinet, including sliding contact and quick coupling.